September 2018


This Knockoff Franck Muller watch was inadvertently seen when I was browsing the web, and then I was deeply attracted to it. The bezel, the markers and the lugs are the highlights of the watch.

Double rows diamond bezel – full of luxury
48mm diameter case has diamonds bezel. Round cut diamonds neatly set in fine polished stainless steel bezel. Although they are small, the gloss is also bright through the cutting and polishing technology. Because of the diamond setting, the thickness of case is 11mm. However, after the curve design, this shortcoming has been transformed, so the watch does not feel cumbersome.

Colorful markers – cute and fun
Sapphire Crystal gives consumers a clear visual effect. Different numbers of Roman Numbers markers are arranged along the center of the watch.Red pointers and the hour mark reflect each other. This knockoff watch with black dial highlights the splendid colors of the markers and hands.

Unique lugs – the new breakthrough
The three-piece lugs of the scroll design give the watch a layered look. Moreover, it is convenient and flexible and easy to wear. The ends of the lugs are inlaid with diamonds, which extend the luxury of the bezel and add the elegance to the watch.

Small screwed crown and the case are made of Swiss 316L Stainless steel, showing the clean and silver appearance.

The knowledge about Swiss 316L Stainless Steel
Generally speaking, stainless steel is carbon tool steel and carbon alloy steel, which have many types of grades. Stainless steel is one of the most commonly used materials for the manufacture of watches. It is characterized by never fading, no deformation, no irritation to the skin, and environmental protection. The steel material is generally labeled “STAINLESS STEEL”.

Swiss 316L Stainless Steel is stainless steel, which is very resistant to corrosion and has a very good texture. The main components are Fe, Cr, Ni, Mo, and the density is close to iron, which generally does not affect human skin. Swiss watches usually use this material to make cases, crowns and straps.

This type is more common in replica watch, and the cost of watch made of stainless steel is relatively cheaper. What’s more, the color is beautiful, and it will be superior to the watch of other materials.

Knockoff Franck Muller watch with a Quartz Kinetic movement is practical. Black genuine Leather balances the luxury of the diamond, so it can suit the daily use. The band Length is 205 x 20mm, which is enough for the lady who is thin or exquisite. And for me, the leather band is more comfortable, especially in autumn or winter, closer to the skin.And it’s not as allergic as metal.

For fashion, the views of men and women are the same: personality. In nowadays society, with the development of technology, many things have begun mass production, and the differences are gradually narrowing. When people pursue individuality, they need something different and advertise their character. And the watch may be a very intuitive logo. The product styles of Frank Muller are unique: the shape of the barrel, the complex internal structure and the hollow design, which one is classic. All of this features are the embodiment of personality. Today I will introduce another style of the Franck Muller Infinity series replica watch—a personality stage belongs to the dial.

These two replica watches are all have rectangular appearance (the men watch is relatively slender and the women watch is a little small). However, the four corners of the case were polished to make the surface of the watch smoother. The cool-tone coating of black PVD steel is more suitable for elegant men. And the gold-plated steel is brighter in color and can set off the feminine beauty of women. The 3778 QZ R AL black watch with white Arabic numbers markers and white hands, which makes the entire dial very clear and seems more modern. In addition to being easy to distinguish the time, it is also more attractive for customers. The 18K champagne gold lady watch has a colored Roman numbers markers. When it is paired with a red pointer on a white dial, the combination of these colors belongs to the dial is very beautiful. In fact, the positions of the time scales that are the part of the two watches are basically the same, this design makes the dial not monotonous.

The brand logos are floating above the dial of these two replica watches, which is looming, and it is a little mystery. The case is introduced with a curved design, which can fit the wrist well. Engraved with coins, the crown has the same color is easy to use. Comfortable with a simple and stylish black crocodile leather strap, the watch offer a suitable using experience.

The Quartz (Battery) movement is used in both replica watches, which are the basic configuration of the replica watches. In addition to reducing costs, it is also very convenient to use. What’s more, it saves time and the error is small. As the quality is also relatively light, so there is no pressure when worn.

Sum up:
Every detail of this unique collection value belongs to the double replica Franck Muller Infinity series watches contain the eternal professional persistence and moving creative spirit and talent. It can be used by collectors to play at close range. And this high quality steel quartz women or men watch will not let people down.

Don’t hesitate to love beauty. After all, the beauty is the instinct of human beings. And this high quality diamonds quartz women watch will not let people down.

Roman Numbers markers in different colors. White dial with sunbeam can enrich the layers of space. Round 18k rose gold plated bezel is filled with three rows of colorful gemstones that is paved on the polished bezel.

The blue pointers have a unique design that combines with the entire dial to create a childlike picture. Moreover, the strap of the watch is the same color, and the two echoes well, making the whole watch harmonious and elegant. In order to make the dial more concise and beautiful, the watch does not have a second hand and a scale ring, which reduces the reading time function of watch.

In fact, if adopted the central track scale circle of brand may solve this problem. Therefore, even without the second hand and the scale ring, the watch will still be liked by female consumers.

Engraved with the logo of Franck Muller, the crown in small onion shape is 18K rose gold. 18k rose gold plated snap case back of this watch is round and there are some dots stay in the back. With the logo and the details of the brand, the back is abundant.

The lugs Just like a scroll tied the strap to the dial, which shows a classic charm. Decorated with rose gold, the ends of the lugs are embellished with white diamonds to hold the straps very well. The rectangular part in the middle is decorated with colored stones and extends the curve of the case very well. And integrated with the bezel, the luxury appearance of the watch is further displayed to consumers.

Equipped with a Quartz (Battery) Kinetic movement, the watch is simple. It is also one of the features of this replica watch. It saves a lot of trouble for daily life and is very suitable for people who travel frequently and have a fast pace of life. Crocodile leather strap in blue is 205 x 20 mm, which is enough for daily use. And the width of the strap has suitable size for women. With colorful diamonds, the 18K rose gold watch buckle has rounded curves, making the watch firmly on the wrist.

The Replica Franck Muller watch features a high-quality blue Genuine Leather strap leather strap for softness and comfort. And this strap is made of crocodile leather, the gloss is more vivid. Select the cortex of the abdomen belongs to crocodile, the pattern is very beautiful. Because it is limited in quantity, which is very precious. This is not a substitute for straps of other materials.

If you are tired of observing the round dial of the stereotype, and are also annoyed with a rigid square watch. Maybe this elegant design replica Franck Muller Conquistador GPG barrel chronograph watch will be your favorite choice. The unique design makes it full of elegant vintage and even nostalgic feeling. Today, the blogger recommends this unique and charming wine barrel replica watch for person, and I believe that it will bring people the unique and wonderful experience.

The watch is made entirely of rose gold and black, with a red and white color dial. Two small dials match the center circle, like a little monster. In addition, the red coating gives the name of the summer of heel to the watch. The double crowns on both sides of the watch are identical in shape, showing the symmetry of the watch. And the chronograph buttons have not been improved, which have the same shape as the previous model.

In fact, this replica watch combines the basic elements of the brand without much innovation. While the introduction of rubber strap adds a lot of charm to the watch. Rubber straps are mostly found on sports-style watches. And it is very popular between brands and consumers. However, the rubber strap seems to be unpopular in the 20 years ago.

The knowledge about rubber strap review
When rubber material was first used in watches, no one was optimistic about its vitality. Because it gives people a cheap feeling. Today, this material has become synonymous with “fashion” and is very suitable for sports watches.

The advantages
Compared with any material straps, the rubber strap is completely perfect in waterproof and moisture-proof . This is also the biggest advantage of rubber straps. In general, the rubber strap will be matched with the same material case to achieve complete waterproofing. Secondly, the rubber strap has a stronger anti-wear characteristics than the leather strap.
In summary, rubber straps or all-rubber watches are favored by divers, lifeguards, wilderness adventurers or practitioners who need frequent contact with water.

The three tips on how to clean rubber strap
1. Wash – water soaked strap
2. Brush – carefully brushed with a small brush
3. Dry – cleaned and dried naturally

The disadvantages
Understand the advantages of rubber straps, and finally we will talk about shortcomings.
The rubber band is prone to aging. And depending on the temperature, there are different degrees of damages: fracture, hardening, softening, discoloration and the like. The rubber material looks more affordable and has no other material value. More significant, it is not suitable for wearing in winter.
The purchase of rubber strap is usually matched with steel strip. If there is only one rubber strap, it is recommended to buy one more as a spare.

When our vision is often confined to a round case, the other shapes of the case will cause great concern. The change in the shape of watch is not only a new attempt and creativity, but also a stricter requirement for the watchmaking. A change in the shape of the dial means that the time scale will also become irregular. But to maintain the accuracy and stability of time in the change, and at the same time to maintain the beauty of the watch that will be obviously another area of passion for watchmakers. Framing time in an innovative case, it is not only the breakthrough of appearance, but also the result of the joint effect of technological innovation and conceptual change.

For watch, even the same style, slight changes in the details will produce different results. The following two replica Franck Muller Long Island Series women watch are obvious examples.

Both styles are identical in basic construction to the Franck Muller Long Island series watches. But because of the changes in color configuration, the impression on consumers is different. This is also the brand’s comparison of color mastery. Sapphire blue with rose gold is more luxurious, and pure white with white gold is elegant and clean.

This case of True series new replica watch has a slim rectangular design. It is the perfect fusion of lines and curves. Moreover, the rectangular watch looks more powerful and can reflect the talent and freedom belong to wearer. With the curved design style, compared to the flat case, this watch is more collectible and offers a wider viewing angle. It also fits the wrist well, and does not create a sense of oppression.

The double-row diamonds tiled bezel is very popular among female consumers. Integrated lugs are also inlaid with diamonds that extend the lines of the bezel. A soft and comfortable crocodile leather strap that connects the entire watch.

This replica watch has sunray rectangle silver dial, enriching the elegant design of the Rado True collection. The warm 18K rose gold accentuate the curved and balanced design of the watch. While the silver dial reinforces the new interpretation of classics from contemporary design.

Roman or Arabic Numbers markers has their own style. Colorful Roman numbers markers seems funny and activity, adding young blood to the silver dial. While the Arabic Numbers markers in different size own the unique design (except the numbers 4-8 are distributed to the circumference of the watch, and the rest numbers all toward the center of the watch).

Engraved with the logo of brand, the screw down crown in onion shaped is domed. The thickness of 28 mm diameter case is only 9 mm. And the brushed stainless steel screwed down case back with four screws to ensure the safety of the watch. .

A watch is a kind of favorite thing that people like to wear. The so-called beloved thing is bound to have the perfect fate with the owner. The things of love often reflect certain characteristics of the master. It has the similar resonance with the owner, but also complements each other.
For the shape of watches, most of them are round. Because the circle is the most matey graphic. And it can be matched with any graphics, lines, materials. So it is a harmonious figure. However, if you always wear one styling watch, it is a bit monotonous and it might be aesthetic fatigue.
In fact, in addition to the circular shape watch, there are also barrel-shaped watch, oval watch, square watch and other graphics to choose from, which can make the scenery on the wrist be more diverse. Now, let’s take a look at the square watch—Franck Muller Master Square Color Dreams 6002 L QZ V replica watch.

The details of this replica watch
30mm diameter white dial with colorful markers is square that is more special than other forms.
The colorful Arabic Numbers markers stay in different ways as themselves. It is known that the marker-circle always at the brand of the dial, while this watch is at the center of the dial that seems quite unique. And this design makes the dial simple and funny.
Due to the silver polished case that is made of Swiss 316L Steel, the replica watch offers a beautiful appearance.
Black genuine leather strap is connected with case by the screw needle, which is a little classic.
Though it is a replica watch, the quartz movement still owns good function. As this Franck Muller Master Square Color Dreams replica watch is made from Japanese Miyota, so the quality is guaranteed.

On account of the square watch is so popular, there are some tips on how to choose a perfect square watch. As follows:
About women
For a lady who wants to be able woman, the sharp edges and corners of the square watch are more powerful showing the lofty ideals in her heart. Of course, for a woman who wants to try a neutral style, and the square dial with simple three-dimensional geometry that is very suitable. At the same time it is simple and easy to take, while not losing elegance.
About men
For elegant gentlemen, the square watch can reflect the masculinity of men. Compared to the softness of the circle, the square is more individual and the simple lines give people a sense of dependence.
Of course, in addition to the above factors, people should also consider the body shape. Thin person chooses a round watch that looks a little cute. And the fat person may have the square shape that can balance the body.